Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Unusual ways to make money

Well I apologize about not posting anything yesterday, I was really busy studying for a test and I couldn't find time to get on blogger. I think I did fairly well on the test today so I thought I'd hop on here and shoot out a post.

Todays post will be about making money fast, and doing it in somewhat unusual ways. I have not tried many of these but being the starving college student I am, I should be trying to make money and get out of the debt.


1. Sign up for medical tests (You can make money and who knows, you could grow a third nipple.)

2.  Rent out a room, or a parking space (If you got one open, why not.)

3. Tap your life insurance (I haven't done this but apparently if you have "whole" life insurance there is a cash value to it and you can call them up and take some.)

4. Garage sale/pawn shop/lemonade stand (You get the idea.)

5. Sell body parts (Not like kidneys or lungs, but hair, and I heard some clinics will pay 35$ for your plasma which you can do twice a week.)

5. Sperm bank (Never done this but I don't know why not.)

6. Scalp tickets (Simple as it sounds.)

7. Go scavenging (Anywhere and everywhere, hell even collecting cans can be profitable, its illegal but there are a lot cans at schools.)

8. Hit up a casino (It's desperate but it's a way, be smart though.)

9. Sell drugs (If you use them, thats probably why you don't have money, sell them and brake even. Also illegal if you didn't know.)

10. Take advantage of online jobs (Watch out there are a lot of scam sites, but there are also a lot of survey sites and stuff like that.)

And heres a song for today... not related at all to making money


  1. some good tips for a hobo money lol

  2. Hahaha, I really need that third nipple. You forgot to add that you could join a freakshow and travel around the country showing your extra booby to sight-seeing folk.

  3. 11. Prostitution

    haha but seriously. You'd just have to be willing to deal with fatties

  4. I did the medical thing for lowerback and knee pain. 300 bucks and all the pills I could eat. Good thing I didnt get the placebo

  5. Time to hit that spermbank, hard.

  6. some interesting ideas i didn't really think of. niceee

  7. awesome tips^^ i was watching cocaine cowboys last week and envied them a little. damn, making looots of money a week so easily!

  8. when sober girls around this blog, they be actin' like they drunk

  9. I agree with the two fives point. I would sell my fat, I think I have more than I need, and I'd sell my sperm that must be over 9000, lol

  10. very nice post...good vid man..

  11. some nice ways of earning some cash.. would like a list of legit sites on number 10. though :P