Monday, November 1, 2010

Post Halloween

Well I survived the weekend. It was tough and I think my liver kind of hates me but I'll give him a rest and hopefully he will forgive me. I saw some really cool costumes this year, I wish I had pictures to show you guys but I don't really know where they are. Once they go up online I'll update the post for you guys.

Many laughs were had, some of the best moments last night were when I saw Lord Voldamort, the dark lord, getting trashed then singing and dancing to a queen song (perfect youtube material, there is a video on some phone), when this person came into the party and my friend and I couldn't tell if it was a girl or a guy and it turned out to be a girl dressed as a guy dressed as a girl (tranny hooker), pre gaming with some cute m&ms, drawing tattoos on my friend who was an inmate, scaring people in my gorilla suit, fighting my friend who was ike from Super Smash Bros, freestyling in the plaza with some randoms and having people cheering (there's a video of this somewhere, I remember some chick filming with her phone, no idea who it was though), seeing a kid be all like "fuck the police" to a cop who he thought was just a guy in costume, it was a great night.

I'm guessing most if not all of you have never been to Arcata during halloween. Everybody who lives there all meet up at the plaza and it rages. Here is a picture of half of the plaza last night.