Monday, February 28, 2011

Good Music

Well my brother and I have been trading some good new music that we've been hearing so I thought I'd share some good songs with you guys. It's mostly hip hop but it isn't bad hip hop so I recommend listening.

This first one I recommend drinking/smoking a shitload before you listen to it. It's a feel good song that you got to play loud.

This next one is a mash-up of a Lil Wayne song and The Office theme song. It's quite entertaining, they work very well together. I recommend listening to it if you like Weezy or if you like The Office.

This next one is just straight up a good song. Listen and think about it. Very political so if you like politics then you will enjoy it.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Free Redbox Movie Rentals

If you got a Redbox near you then your in luck. I've been renting movies for a while and haven't had to pay once. The reason why, promo codes.

Here's a couple that give you a free rental.


All you have to do is after you choose the movie that you want to rent go to "Add Promo Code", enter it, then you got a free rental.

Here's a website that is updated with new codes -

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises

Well I watched "The Dark Knight" today, which is the batman movie with Christian Bale as Batman, Heath Ledger as The Joker and Christopher Nolan directing. I've seen it a couple times before and it has to be the best comic book movie ever. Unlike a lot of the recent comic book movies, The Dark Knight is a pretty dark (pun intended) movie. So today's post will be about the sequel that is coming out in 2012.

So far what has been released is that Christian Bale, and Christopher Nolan will return and Batman will have some new opponents. He will be up against...

Bane (Tom Hardy) - If you are unfamiliar with the comics, he is a escaped prisoner who wears a wrestling mask and pumps himself full of drugs to make him a super roided out gnar gnar muscle freak.

-Movie Poster-


Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) - If you are unfamiliar with the comics, you should probably kill yourself.

-Movie Posters-

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

3D Printer that can print Organs

The technology has been around for a while, but researchers recently began using it to create biological structures like organs. The idea is to use the patients cells to design organs that the body would accept creating no need for donor organs. Another possibility is that we will use it to grow meat. Imagine being able to print out a steak for dinner, that would be amazing!

Right now you can buy a 3D printer which doubles as a 3D scanner, the Fab@home, which allows you to email physical objects to other Fab owners and it will be printed out of your choice of silicone, cement, cake frosting, and even cheese.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Species of Fish discovered (with hands)

Researchers with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, or CSIRO, have discovered nine fishs that use hands and feet to move about on the sea floor. This happened a while ago but this is the first I heard of it. Definitely helps prove the plausibility of evolution for those to blinded to believe it.

For more info -

Here's clip from a BBC film that shows it in action-

Monday, February 21, 2011

Hummingbird UAV

A tiny new unmanned air vehicle, The Hummingbird Nano Air Vehicle (NAV), has been developed by AeroVironment Inc. for the military. This bird has a camera and can fly very smoothly, around indoors and out. Also think about trying to shoot that thing down, it would be very challenging. New Call Of Duty killstreak reward?

- Video -

- First seen here -

Friday, February 18, 2011

Funny Friday?

Well I decided that I am going to make it routine to post funny pictures on friday and dub it "Funny Friday". If you guys got a better idea for what to call it I'm definitely open.

So now for some Steven Hawkings


Scientists built first Anti Laser

It's pretty crazy, scientists have discovered a way to create a device that is capable of absorbing an incoming laser beam entirely. It is not intended to be used against high-power laser weapons but who knows when we might have to fight off aliens. They say it could be used in supercomputers that have ways of using light rather than electrons.
 More info here -

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Female Orgasm

And on a completely different note as the last post. Here's some info that some of you might find interesting. I suggest enlarging and reading.

Fashion Tips!

Yes, because I know you weirdos need them! I'm gonna promote my good friend Misha's blog. She lives in Hollywood and is an up and coming singer/song writer. She has great style, great stories and perspective. I strongly recommend you guys (and the few girls who follow this) check out her blog. She puts more time into it then me so you know its good. Plus, she's fly.


And to accompany this post, here is a picture of a badass horse that don't take no shit from nobody!