Friday, March 18, 2011

Sperm whales have names for each other

So apparently some scientists discovered that sperm whales use a unique clicking sounds to identify themselves and others when hunting. It was known that sperm whales had a unique code to identify themselves but the crazy thing is that they know the unique codes of each other so they can communicate to a specific whale. Weird...

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  1. Woah, dude, that's fucking sweet. Sperm whales are now officially awesome.

  2. Wonder whether they used names like Peter or Sam or Mary.

    "Hey yo Andy, come check out all these planktons swimming around here"

  3. I always assumed all animals had some form of communication. Weather it is sounds or body patterns, I'm sure they get a message to eachother!

  4. That's awesome! Is there one called Wailord? =P Loving the redesign btw ;]

  5. Neat to know they have names. I wonder if the noise from ships and submarines distorts their language in insulting ways...

  6. Whaaat, that's crazy. Cool.

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