Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yup, It's April Twentieth

So I don't have time to post much. But hey I am going to throw down these two crazy videos. If you celebrated today I strongly advise watching these.

First one is like a time lapse video that has amazing shots with some piano in the background.

Second one is a video an orchestral song with a vocoder in it that makes it crazy. Someone mixed it with scenes from Baraka, very beautiful yet gnarly.

Sponsored by the Humboldt County Redwood Smoke Statue of Blizzidy B's Rolling and Trolling Tribe Vibe in cooperation of 420.


  1. it's so majestic. I almost fell asleep at my desk it was so calming thanks!

  2. damn these tracks are intense when stoned

  3. i've been around the area. i have friends who go to school at humboldt state university.