Friday, April 22, 2011

2012 - How it's going to end

Everybody heard that 2012 is the suppose to be the year of our doom or whatever. I have heard things from, floods to gods coming down to solar flares engulfing our planet. I did some research and if were taking stats the chances are that nothing is going to happen. It seems like everybody finds something to be scared about every 10 years or so. The thing about 2012 is that people have been scared about it since ancient Mayan and Egyptian times. So what do I think is going to happen if something does.

The return of our creators the Ananakki, translated to "those from heaven to earth came". These were our creatures that made us to be slaves for them back when the first civilization was created, Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia said in there carvings that nirabu, or as some call it planet x, crashed into earth and this gave them a odd rotation around the sun, a more oval rotation rather then are mostly circular ones. This means that Nibiru only comes around once every 3600 years. They said the creatures who inhabited that planet played a part in creating us, on the last rotation, to be slaves and told them they would return.

Now why do I believe this. Well first we must look at the ruins. To the right you see one of the Ananakki and two humans. The "god" is granting humans the plow ushering in the age of modern agriculture.  Behind the two humans is a perfect representation configured identically to our current knowledge of the galaxy. Except, they have an extra planet, the planet of Nibiru. Their are many scripts and carvings that told the story but I think this one contains the most evidence.

So if their is a 10th planet then why haven't we found it with our massive telescopes? Well we have. Think about it, would the government really tell you if a planet is going to swing by our galaxy and they don't know what will happen. Polar shift, aliens, collision, or whatever, no, you would panic so they don't.

But we humans are resilient. The photo of Nibiru which was taken by the south pole telescope, the one that was taken down from youtube shortly after they realized they had the coordinates on the photo still. Well... that is the only part in google sky that is blacked out. Scope the video though, its like 2 minutes.

If you want more info, watch this youtube video -


  1. that was an interesting vid. :D

  2. I'm with you. You are blowing my mind!


    i'm just kind of ignoring all of it so when 2012 comes, if we all die i won't see it coming

  4. I totally agree with Colin. I have nothing to lose really. I mean, I know some people would rather have warning before they die. But what's the point? You're not exactly gunna regret the time you spent on earth after you're already dead. In fact, I could even say that life itself is pointless cus we're all gunna die eventually anyways. Sod it, rather sooner than later. If we're all gunna go together, that is.

  5. cd of rebacca black is coming out then, thats why the world ends

  6. My mind has been blasted... o.O were all gonna die!!!!!!

  7. I really don't know what to think of this. Yikes.