Thursday, December 30, 2010

Recent News

Well now that I am reestablishing myself back in the blogging dimension I decided to make today's post about the recent activity going on in the world. I got a couple of links to stories that you guys can check out.

First one is about a young botswana boy chased and stabbed with a spear for trying to run away from his own circumcision ceremony -

 Second ones not so recent but I just saw it and damn. Its Micheal Jacksons tombstone, it might look how you expect it -

Third one is a slight bit more serious, just a random but whatever, its about "1st ever Western-made film to air on TV" in North Korea -

Fourth one is a interesting, it talks about a study showing that conservatives have a larger "fear center" then there less conservative counterparts -

Fifth and final one is about buzz aldrin, the astronaut, and how hes trying to sue some trading card company because they made an "American Hero" card without his authorization -


  1. you gotta give me some happy links... i sad

  2. i didn't really know what to expect with that tomb.. looks fairly modest

  3. Welcome back dude :) and cute pic.

  4. yeah, so much sad news happening, give us something to be happy about, or both :)