Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Music

Ok, let me describe my music career. I started playing music the end of junior year in high school. I didn't have any music classes but I had a guitar and friends that were willing to teach me. I started jamming with them quite regularly and eventually we started a dub reggae/hip hop/jazz/rock/jam band. We never organized any of our songs, we would just have a couple of chords and jam out on them. Even got to play a couple high school parties, biggest one was an africa benefit concert/party that had like 100 people and it even had a helicopter pad. Shit was epic! Continued playing random house parties till the end of school and then most of us split up. Our lead guitarist and drummer go to the same college as me so we still jam once in a while. I stopped practicing guitar and I've kinda lost my touch. At the end of senior year I got really into hip hop, not the stupid shit but the spiritualistic kind. I started rhyming and soon after I got a macbook. Eventually I bought a keyboard and a MPD16 (jank version of an MPC but if you run it with logic it works the same). I have been teaching myself how to sample songs and play keyboard for about a year now. I really think I have been improving rapidly. Now I make beats regularly and get different people to sing over them.

Heres a beat I made and my friend Misha sung over it.

Heres a link my sample beats (if you don't know what sampling is, it is when you take old songs chop them up and assign them to keys so jam it out)
*Note that I haven't put any new songs on here since april, I'll be adding more soon*